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Kota is a veritable paradise for bird watchers. Amateur and experienced bird watchers will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of migratory and non-migratory birds that inhabit our region. Our farm is ideally placed to explore here. And if you are without any equipment, we will lend you our spotting scope and monopod. Pair of binoculars, if you prefer. And books on Indian birds.

We hope the pictures shown here taken with a digital camera with a run-of-the-mill zoom lens will tempt you. These are some of the common birds. There are rarer birds to be seen like the Paradise Flycatcher - alas we don't have a photograph to show you, but perhaps soon.

Birds on the farm

Spotting birds on the farm is very rewarding. A casual stroll around with a pair of binoculars will reveal an amazing variety of birds.

If you have a camera with a moderate zoom, you can capture some memorable moments wandering around our garden. Or you may choose to take away just the memories.

Besra Sparrow Hawk Spotted Owlet Purple Sunbird Female Purple Sunbird Sirkeer Cuckoo White Breasted Kingfisher Maratha Woodpecker Red Wattled Lapwing Golden Oriole Grey Hornbills Sarus Cranes Lesser Golden Backed Woodpecker Common Shrike

Birds in the countryside

There are numerous jheels (water tanks & lakes) around Kota which are home to a large species of birds. A pair of binoculars or a spotting scope is a must if you are an avid bird watcher. Or why not just sit and revel in the scenery.

Ducks Collared Scops Owl Spotting Birds Spotting Birds Admiring the View

A boat trip on the Chambal river will reveal nesting vultures in the steep gorge face, owls fixing their eyes on you, herons lifting gracefully and lazily winging away, storks puzzling at the intrusion and so much more.

Long Billed Vulture Brown Hawk Owl Grey Heron Purple Heron White Necked Stork White Scavenger Vulture or Pharohs Chicken Horned Owl

Wherever you go, and if you are on the lookout for them, you will discover an abundant array of birds of all sorts, which you can watch with relative ease.

Then there is the Sorsan Bird Sanctuary about 55 kilometres away where one can spot eagles, owls, and quails a plenty (also animals like blackbucks, chinkaras and foxes). It is home to a wide variety of small birds as well. The bird life is dictated by the terrain here, which is flat, stony with bush and grass, and dotted with small water bodies. As the sanctuary is not easily accessible from within, this trip is dependent on the availability of a suitable vehicle and driver. Suitable cars can be hired locally for this trip most of the time.

Water birds

The numerous jheels (water tanks & lakes)
harbor many species of
water birds: geese, ducks,
teals, pochards, fowls,
waders, storks, pelicans, terns etc.